10 talks that involve highly unusual instruments

Its like a bagful of assorted candies!

TED Blog


Music comes in all shapes and sizes, as these talks illustrate. From an electric drum suit called “thunderwear” to an ancient stringed wheel to an arresting rare organ, the instruments featured in these talks reshape our soundscape and offer inspiration in the cacophonous world around us.

David Holt plays mountain music
In this amiable talk from TED2004, David Holt gives a musical tour of Appalachia, weaving together the life stories and uncommon instruments of the mountains. As Holt plays the harmonica and mouth bow, he breathes life into the colorful region. Plus, a rhythmic sartorial invention of Holt’s own creation is something not to be missed.

Mark Applebaum: The mad scientist of music
Mark Appelbaum’s musical innovation was borne out of an unshakeable boredom with the day-to-day grind of traditional musical production and composition. From  “scavenging” music out of subway maps and wristwatches to radically re-imagining instruments — like an electric…

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